Ray Barone
Vice President
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Logistics And Project Management



Rockwell American is first and foremost a Logistic Management company specializing in serving the military, government and emergency response situations. We provide and coordinate product procurement, supply and maintenance of equipment, management, mobilization and demobilization of emergency camps and training operations. We function either as the lead managers for the entire operation, work in tandem with a client’s executive team, or procure and deliver requested products to locations around the country.

As Logistics Managers, we advise you on exactly what you need, and on what you don’t need. We guarantee hands-on, 24/7 project management. Our executive team has a combined 60 years of experience and expertise in management, engineering,mechanics, safety and in the design, planning and execution of major event undertakings.

We like to manage projects. We could supply tents, put them up and leave, but we prefer to put them up and stay! We want our clients to know that Rockwell American professionals are on location to maintain the operation, be vigilant regarding maintenance and safety and to provide the highest level of service – so our client can rest easy and know the job is being handled.

We’re there so our client doesn’t have to be. We Manage To Be Exceptional!