Ray Barone
Vice President
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With the introduction of Rockwell American Services, Ltd.,that began as a specialty division of Carest Associates, a woman-owned small business with a more than 20-year history, Carolyn continues her longstanding commitment as owner of both companies to help America’s small, emerging and woman-owned businesses grow. Rockwell American is a natural extension of her extensive experience designing and executing detailed marketing strategies and major event productions for a wide range of emerging, national/international companies on a national level, and of her work with the U.S. government.

She has designed and implemented government-supported and nonprofit programs that impact children, consumers and business for the Departments of Justice, Health & Human Services, Education and the FDA. With Rockwell American Services, Carolyn brings her background together with a team of engineering professionals and established network of business partners to open new markets and increase opportunities for American businesses who share the same high standards and attention to detail that has made her company a longstanding success.


Vice President/Operations, Business Development

Raymond Barone brings a long and highly qualified background in engineering, and in the design, execution and management of major projects for the Oil and Gas industry, government and emergency response. Having worked on projects for over 25 years in the energy industry, he understands the special needs of military projects, the expected quality and budget constraints. As the project director of engineering, right-of-way and production of multi-million dollar projects, he is an expert in planning and meeting logistic requirements and challenges. He is known for his attention to safety and detail.

A recognized expert in pipeline, fiber optic, E&P title/division work onshore and offshore, environmental issues and safety, Raymond’s expertise includes planning, acquisition, pricing, logistics, technology and team management – knowledge that enables him to bring projects in at the lowest cost and within budget, without sacrificing efficiency or quality.

In charge of overseeing all Emergency Response campsites and Training Operations for Rockwell American, the Rockwell team under Raymond's direction, received high acclaim for the design, management and execution of a 2000-man hurricane emergency campsite following hurricanes Katrina  and Rita.  The Rockwell team also facilitated the delivery of large quantities of relief and camp supplies to the New Orleans area for the military and National Guard responding to the Hurricane Katrina emergency.


Vice President/Business Development

Bringing years of business development, sales experience and a keen capability to find the most elusive item, Eric is a key contact at Rockwell American Supply, where he also explores, investigates and develops small business manufacturer relationships. He is the company multi-task expert combining research with strategic planning and active sales. Eric brings a diversity of experience to Rockwell’s that includes research for projects involving state and local government sales, environmental and biological studies, incubator programs and property sales for major corporations. He has developed new business sales and marketing strategies for products, large real estate properties and small business ventures, and he is a mechanical expert.


Treasurer/Administration & Procurement Specialist
A keen researcher, Liza brings a specialty in financial management and administration to Rockwell American, where her primary responsibility is Treasurer/Bookkeeper. A staff assistant to the president and the project execution team, Liza also brings valuable past experience as Account Executive with a national PR/marketing agency to Rockwell American. Her experience and skills in developing and maintaining public and media relations, creating logistic plans and assisting in the execution of major national events are an ideal fit to the functions required by Rockwell American.

Her production expertise and ability to locate associative partners, combined with her impeccable attention to detail and commitment to stay on the job to its end are important contributions to Rockwell American, where she adds developing new vendor relationships -- especially with woman-owned businesses -- and assisting with campsite logistics to her primary responsibility. Liza's ability to develop qualified, Rockwell-approved vendor relationships enables Rockwell's to meet urgent and immediate client needs around the country.